Microsoft Access 2013

Microsoft Access 2013

Of the Microsoft Access 2013 Download makes creating complex databases beginner-friendly. Thanks to optimized navigation and even greater integration of cloud services like SkyDrive access to administrative and reports using a web browser from anywhere in the world is possible by the access download.

Access download as part of Office Pro

MS Access is a member of the Microsoft Office family and is one of the most powerful and versatile database applications for years. The database program first appeared in the early 1990s. The Access download is available as a single office application and as part of Office Professional. The office software offers many useful functions for the integration of forms and issuing reports. The database management automatically finds errors in forms and fixes them. Tables, reports, queries and forms to a database object office workers determined quickly and easily.

Microsoft Access 2013 Download

MS Access supports XML and uses information from various sources

is useful that the adjustments to the controls are automatically made in the associated forms and reports in changing a field property in a table and the same. Microsoft Access combines database management system with the tools of an integrated development environment and talking to end users for the production of database applications. The software stores since Access 2007, all data in a single file in the file format accdb from containing elements of the surface and database tables. Microsoft Access accesses information from various sources and supports the standard XML as well as access via OLE and ODBC data exchange.

Object-oriented graphical creation of databases

Databases are known as unloved as necessary. When the administration of many data is present, you can not get to their insert. Microsoft Access 2013 allows object-oriented graphical creation of databases. create organizational structures while users simply by dragging and dropping as well as forms and reports or evaluations. Also online resources bind database specialists with a few clicks as the data source.

Quickly and easily create database apps

The forms and reports generated can be fairly straightforward built into Web pages so that they are on the Internet or intranet and can be edited directly. The most important innovation in Access 2013: With the new database type Access web app you can create data in Access and then as a SharePoint app use in a web browser and share them with others. When creating logical expressions and operators IntelliSense supported by useful features such as tooltips or AutoComplete.

Microsoft Access 2013 Download Internet

Microsoft Access 2013 includes many pre-made templates

When integrating complex macros Macro Designer stands to the side and thus helps to simplify and automate repetitive steps. Also can avoid mistakes in this way by about the logic in a separate table is stored, at the macro designer based his work – virtually! All this is fine, but too much work? After Access Download it’s even easier: Many templates for many different applications support the rapid startup. If the optimum template is not available, it can be still mostly a reasonable basis for their own extensions found.

Trial version only via Windows Account available

The Microsoft Access 2013 Download leads for technical reasons to the Microsoft website. The trial version of Access 2013 is included in the 60-day trial package of Microsoft Office, 2013. To use the trial version, users must first register with a Windows account. Then obtained a license key that activates the trial via email.

Microsoft Access 2013 databases Download

Limitations of Microsoft Access 2013

60-day trial in combination with Microsoft Office 2013. Free registration for Windows Live ID. Microsoft Access 2010 no trial version is available.