free image editing: colorize photos

free image editing: colorize photosPhoto-Colorizer adds grayscale images added without much effort color. The image processing comes with a set of predefined Kolorierungseinstellungen to the PC, which facilitate manual dyeing the pictures in addition.

free image editing: colorize photos

For example, Photo-Colorizer color sets for skin tones, sky, water and the like on board, which can be applied by clicking on the black and white images. In addition, the tool in color correction colorful images makes them useful.

Image editing for free: nachkolorieren Images

While Photo-Colorizer does not touch the structure of the photos, but only changes the color values. In this way, grayscale images are nachkoloriert with just a few clicks with the program.

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Note: Photo-Colorizer activated automatically during installation. For this purpose an active Internet connection is required. In addition, the setup offers to install a small tool called Software Informer, which is not required for the function of the image processing. Some virus scanners Software Informer can lead to so-called heuristic hits.