Moorhuhn Kart Extra

With Moorhuhn Kart Extra another thrilling kart game comes with the popular Federviech from Scotland to the PC. Rather than shoot one actually driving here for a change Kart race against other representatives of the chicken club. Optionally, heat players at Moorhuhn Kart Extra In Time Attack, 2 player mode or in various Grand Prix versions of the course. With real racing game concept has naturally little to do – pressure, centrifugal forces and engine tuning will not find in grouse Racing. For this, the nice little game provides instant-play, even for small breaks. In addition to these modes Moorhuhn Kart Extra brings the kart duel. Here TRENEN players against downloaded bests other players. As always, funny, easy to understand and great fun potential, including Moorhuhn Kart Extra is a recommendation for the small or larger pastime playful small claim.

Limitations of Moorhuhn Kart Extra

XS Version routes: Kritzelklotz game mode: Time Trial