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Winmail opener makes the content via e-mail received winmail.dat files quickly and easily legible. These files occurs in shipment formatted electronic mail with Microsoft Outlook and provide users of other mail programs sometimes puzzled.

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Because Outlook does not always stick to e-mail standards, Winmail.dat files arrive in recipients who use such as e-mail client to manage their messages. The actual message can not see unless an unformatted version of the mail is in plain text format in this way. This is where the Winmail Opener helpfully. The freeware opens the winmail.dat files and displays their contents. In addition, the Winmail Opener allows downloading to save the message and any mitgesendeter plants.

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Outlook offers three different formats of the mail delivery

Those who wonder when receiving email through a strange attachment named Winmail.dat, finds the explanation in MS Outlook. this provides three different formats in which an email can be drawn up: plain text, HTML and rich text. Mail in plain text or HTML format can be read by all e-mail programs and thus are not a problem in general. In other behaves the matter with messages in Rich Text Format, RTF shortly. It is a file and data exchange format for formatted text, which unfortunately can not read all mail clients.

Eating the rich text format prevents Winmail.dat files

If a message sent in Rich Text Format e-mail is opened by a program that does not support RTF messages, he shows them only as an attachment to. ** The Winmail.dat file may also include broadcast systems **. The solution to the problem would be simple, but it is hardly feasible in practice: The Outlook user should make sure that he only uses the Rich Text format when sending mail, if the recipient uses an email system that Rich Text can read messages. Therefore, it is the better solution to dispense with e-mails throughout the RTF format. Whoever intends to do so should consider in the contacts, whether there Rich Text format is still preset.

save mail attachments on your own hard drive

Who got an e-mail with a winmail.dat attachment, they can thanks Download Winmail Opener Open an uncomplicated way. The operation of the freeware is simple: First, the user saves the Winmail.dat plant on its own hard disk. He then draws them either from Windows Explorer drag and drop on the user interface of freeware or chooses "open file", Other e-mail tools are available in our software catalog for free download.

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easily view and save winmail.dat files The small, free tool Winmail Opener will help users get the winmail.dat files as email attachments. These can easily see and save. The file extension DAT can be linked on request with the program.