PowerPoint templates for free

Thanks to the free PowerPoint templates users of the popular presentation software from Microsoft do not need to reinvent the wheel. The Web App provides numerous templates to download ready that are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

High-quality PowerPoint templates for free download

The PowerPoint templates should also illustrate the versatility of the presentation software from Microsoft. From the photo album and travel booklets to posters or presentations from the education sector are diverse fashionable design and useful templates represented. These save the user a lot of time and work from which it can invest elsewhere. A wide range of templates stands for almost every user end, free to download. The templates are organized by category to find suitable templates depending on the desired application as quickly as possible.

PowerPoint templates for free download

Brochures, photo albums, calendars, posters and charts

A total of 27 different topics in the PowerPoint templates to download free to choose: Reports, Education, letters, brochures, budgets, designs, diagrams, fax cover sheets, photo albums, flyers, calendars, cards, maps, empty, resumes, lists, menus, Nachverfolgungslisten, nature, planners , posters, reports, agendas. Schedules, companies, timelines and certificates. Not in all categories but PowerPoint templates are actually represented. In some categories, the selection limited to Word or Excel templates.

Many useful templates for students

Even for students are several useful templates on the field again. For example can be found in the category "schedules" including several rate plans, a weekly study plan and a task schedule. The Templates can be opened for Chrome directly in PowerPoint Online, after the user has logged on there before with his Microsoft account.

PowerPoint templates for free download Students

Free PowerPoint templates for personal and business purposes

The PowerPoint templates cover the business area of ​​presentations from as well as the education segment or private. Unfortunately, there is no proper search and sort functions, to the optimum for the respective purposes presentation layout to be found. so the user only has the ability to ferret out the appropriate templates via the respective category. The demolition of functions and preview make himself useful as a decision aid, which descriptions are partly fall a bit short. Also on the indication for which version of PowerPoint, the respective styles are adequate, waived Microsoft.

PowerPoint templates for free download Inquiry

Rewarding treasure trove for PowerPoint users On many issues in the office or family life Microsoft offers PowerPoint templates for free download at. Since the templates of the slideshow for the latest holiday photos and presenting the company figures cover a possible broad range of topics, the site is a recommended treasure trove for PowerPoint users. Analog also available Excel templates for free and Word templates ready for free in our software catalog.