The additional service of the Shipping Wholesale is not cheap - one might think that if the basic idea behind Prime is considered: get packages earlier. But all the benefits of the service can be found in this Life Hack: Amazon Prime namely offers much more. For example, free movie and serial access via Amazon Instant Video app.

Life Hack: Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime offers many benefits, such as unlimited free access to movies and series. (Images: Amazon)

More of the shipping service - Life Hack: Amazon Prime

Basically the idea was just a creation of Amazon internal two-class society. you got petrol normal customer then also supplied as his goods quite early, you have now well in advance, wait two more days to the delivery and also pay more after a certain amount of shipping. Amazon had this hochgestockt some time ago of the past 20 to currently 29 euros. Prime customers receive their merchandise is usually faster and stay shipping or discounted express delivery. If you can not wait so ordered occasionally for smaller amounts below 29 euros and until more deliveries can be summarized, the Prime SUBSCRIPTION worth after a certain time already.

Life Hack: Amazon Prime MusicMembers also have access to millions of songs in the Amazon Music database.

Advantages of Prime membership at a glance

Meanwhile, bring the Prime membership but a few other benefits. And we make in this life hack: Amazon Prime overview before, because not everyone knows all the features:

  1. Access to Amazon Prime Video: The film and series world is prime Mitgiedern pretty open. Not only can they stream through instant video, but also virtually title or rent by mail. By the way, can get up to two videos play simultaneously on different devices.
  2. Setting the original sound at shows and movies: When streaming service from Amazon that time there was a single series and movies in German, in original (OV), but as an additional stream. Meanwhile, the original sound track of the films concerned can be selected in the overview under audio settings. These are located below the button "Watch now". language about options and Audioinstellungen itself can also be changed in the player.
  3. Autoplay for Series Getting up was yesterday. With the autoplay feature consecutive episodes of a series are each hung and played. you can select the function of the settings.
  4. Kindle Lending Library: Who calls a Kindle its own or uses the Kindle app on smartphone or tablet can have fun with its Prime subscription in the virtual library. each member and participant Amazon household can borrow a book and download it via Kindle per month. When you open the Kindle Store, search for songs with the prime symbol and borrow free to choose. A return period is not, however, a new book can only be borrowed if the previous one has been returned. Bookmarks, highlights and notes are stored by the way.Additional tip: Many of the titles can be with other people share in the household - this it is worthwhile to take a look at Amazon household and the family library.
  5. Amazon Music: Prime members will have access to Amazon's internal music streaming service free of charge while listening to free over one million songs without advertising - over the Fire devices, iOS and Android devices as well as PC and Mac with the Amazon Music app. Also an offline service there.
  6. Twitch Prime: A fairly new Lifehack: Amazon Prime members receive via Twitch for certain, changing games extra characters or -Skins -Boosts. Twitch content can be also streamed free of advertising in the Prime subscription. In addition, there are more emotes, colors and an extra prime chat button. Streamer be assisted every month with a free Twitch channel subscription. In addition, Prime members get discounts to changing games
  7. Unlimited photo storage with Amazon Cloud Drive: The cloud storage of the service is extended to members so that they can store a lot of photos in the cloud indefinitely. For all other data there is on top 5 GB of free storage.
  8. Former access to flash deals and event offers: In Flash offers Prime members have access already 30 minutes before all other Amazon customers. On sale from the sales on Amazon BuyVIP there is even the night before from 20-hour access.
  9. Amazon Pantry: With this feature, users can products for daily needs - order directly to your home - from food and hygiene items to OTHERWISE household needs. From 29 EUR delivery is free, otherwise occur 2,99 EUR shipping top.

Life Hack: Amazon Prime PantryQuite new, the service Amazon Pantry with which let articles for daily domestic use home delivery.

Extra tip: Membership fee save: Who says now, poof, 49 euros a year are still quite a lot, especially because the entire amount will be charged on a chunk for which there is a small extra-Life Hack: Amazon Prime - because what many do not know: you membership can also share. Up to four people in the household can join together like this. This is particularly suitable for WGs. (Tip: The shipping option can also be with friends Share who do not live in the same household, as you can store several different recipients and addresses of Amazon And the streaming function can be divided Devices must only be linked to the account.. .)

And here is another life hack: Amazon Prime for students is by the way a whole year for nothing: The otherwise 30-day trial membership can secure students for a full 12 months. Then continue the subscription for a discounted price of 24 euros in the year running, unless one announces. And families with small children will benefit, because on diapers in Sparabo get Prime members a 20 percent discount.