see on Instagram private profiles: Is that possible?

see on Instagram private profiles: Is that possible?

In the popular photo network you come every now and again with a lock sided. But you can on Instagram see private profiles, even if one does not follow the appropriate user? In this article, we reveal more. But this much can be said: The function is not free.

Instagram see private profilesYou want to see on Instagram profile private? Follow the motto, otherwise you see a padlock. (Photo: Instagram / Editorial)

Instagram: PrivateProfile see even possible?

On Instagram – whether the social network now look at using the PC or via the Instagram app for Android or iPhone – it is up to each user to make their own profile available publicly. In other words, do not look only approved followers your images, but each user who accidently stumbles across your pictures. Your dive so also in the public feed.

But not everyone wants this – and so there is the possibility to set the profile to private. Then again, you can not follow so people just. You must first make a request. Also can not see users who tap your name, your images. You would have to first of you are actively confirmed as followers after they have asked the appropriate request. As long as that is not happening, they see only a large padlock icon.

Instagram private profiles see open profileSuch is an open for you profile. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Beware of dubious tools and websites

And this hurdle can – otherwise they would be pointless – also not be bypassed.

Of course there are the wild promise with some tools to gain access to private profiles. You have googled only see and the instructions from the search results popping out. Mostly you have to for or download additional software.

But we warn you strongly against such dubious programs! Because these tools can above all: to spy on you.

For other pages, you must indeed not download – the providers ask you but first about your credentials and any other private data. And should not reveal your final. You do not get access to other users profiles so also certainly. This is ensured by Instagram.

Instagram private profiles see profileMaybe you want to also provide your own profile on privately – then you do not want to get unauthorized insight. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Make an inquiry: Best Tips

but a tip is the following – and could work at least for some people: just judge you a second profile, if you will even go undetected. Then your presents with this profile a friend request to the user of the account you would like to look at you. Perhaps taking the or that of yes. The fine art is of course not – but basically the consequences and accepted the only way to view Instagram on private profiles.

but added quiet time you in the position of the opponent. If you provide your profile to private, you do it, finally, for the reason that it’s not just anyone can view. So under normal circumstances: Simply make a request.