Of the download VideoPad cut film, video pieces together and set to music created slide shows. The free video editing scores with transitions and effects, as well as 3D support, cuts and effektiert audio, and also adds optional time-synchronized subtitles and text clips into a film.

Editing video with VideoPad Download

Besides, are available a recorder for webcams and external cameras, a desktop recorder, and a screen capture tool. Finished clips exported VideoPad in numerous video formats, burn it to a disk and loads it directly and without detours on YouTube, Facebook & Co. high.

download VideoPadVideoPad Download: video editing with transitions and effects (Image: NCH Software)

With all the great features VideoPad is still slim compared to other free video editor downloads from our catalog. The user interface of the free video editing is relatively modern in nature, if not kept in the dark today usual style. The functions are clearly arranged, lined up the most important buttons big at the top and adding files of all kinds, incidentally 3D files, comes with drag&Drop.

Clear program interface

The selected clip and the currently running sequence - here multiple audio and video clips are grouped together on tracks - are available side by side in separate video windows. Individual traces can be scaled on demand, which increases the clarity of the program interface. The number of video tracks is the way limited only by the memory available audio tracks are limited in the freeware video editing to two.

However, for most home projects that should be sufficient, and if not, can be trick here by mixing together audio tracks in a separate multitrack audio editor. So you imported audio and video in the Video Editor - which can, depending on the video quality and file size, however, take quite a while - and adds them then with a click of a sequence added. Once this is done, they are available on the time axis for cutting, moving and superimposing at the bottom of the screen. The handling is quite intuitive, but it can in the absence of corresponding processor power be delayed quite times.

The clips show video tinkerer with effects and transitions

The resulting parts are simply moves or deletes it from the sequence. Now more clips or parts of it can be processed in the same manner and place as needed to their hearts content. Heard an audio track to video track, the audio data are presented separately and moved automatically to the video material can also decouple desired however. Individual clips show video tinkerer with effects. Here are equal to contain download a number in VideoPad. To crossfade different clips into each other, the video editing, however, provides several transitions.

cut VideoPad DownloadUninteresting passages from the video cut (Picture: NCH Software)

Also adding subtitles as in TV series foreign stations is possible with VideoPad. To this end, add users either Subtitledateien in SSA format, or create your own by typing the text in the appropriate place of the video. Subtitles are displayed either by alpha channel or background and can be in terms font, adjust font size, position and display duration. By the way: If the video has yet to be created, that's easy on the Record button and the subsequent election of the video camera. To photograph of the desktop, comes to VideoPad download even the debut video recording software from the same manufacturer added, however, that will automatically and smoothly.

inferior to a video with music or voice tracks

In addition as the cutting out commercials from TV recordings or the like, the VideoPad Video Editor provides also for other home applications, such as editing and dubbing of a video. So pretty vile clips are broken from the family vacation in the best parts of the original many times, if desired rearranged and spiced with background music. Explanatory bears can, however, add voice annotations that can be recorded directly into VideoPad. In addition, it highlighted video clips with text, they are generated directly into VideoPad and then stand as images.

Create sound slideshows with VideoPad

If you want to create a slide show with VideoPad, this can be implemented relatively quickly with practice and provides bottom line much individual freedom of action with regard to effects and display duration. For this, users import just the images you want and place them individually on the timeline. adapt now even the duration of the individual images and transitions, and set desired effects. By the way can add a logo or watermark either via text clip or image file. For this purpose, added to taste an audio commentary or music, or even equal to both and additional comments.

Export Files After work

Finished results stores VideoPad Video Editor in various popular formats as image or video. Either one provides the desired target device and VideoPad performs the necessary format details, or adjusted format and details manually. How to create video for DVD, HD, YouTube, and also, incidentally, animated GIF images. Supported formats: 3GP, ASF, AVI, DV, DIVX, FLV, GIF, H.264, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPG, OGG, RM

VideoPad Download ExportExport Video (Picture: NCH Software)

Video editing with VideoPad: Free and quite useful

As already mentioned, the FX and transitions contained in VideoPad Download can of course not be compared to professional standards, but are quite impressive for a free video editing program. If one has once incorporated, cuts and dubbing are done in no time - as long as the processor performance is acceptable.

Limitations of VideoPad video editing software

Limited functionality: Only two audio tracks and no external plug-ins

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