What you can do with the iTunes Error -50

If in the popular media manager of the iTunes Error -50 occurs, it depends often together with the store purchased content. The problem, however, can easily fix. , Continue like!

For lovers of digital movies, music and audiobooks management software such as iTunes is ideal. The software from Apple is now no longer available exclusively for Apple users, but also Windows users can use with iTunes for Windows Download the program. is part of the special feature of iTunes that all devices can be synchronized with each other so that, for example, music from computer, smartphone and tablet can be played. Additionally you can also purchase new content from the iTunes Store. In some cases, this, however, the so-called error -50 occurs.

How can the iTunes Error -50 Be Fixed?

When Error -50 in iTunes is a general error message, e.g. is displayed when the user attempts to load certain data from the store. Usually the error -50 is only triggered when a certain time is exceeded. This means that one's Internet connection seems slow or even blocked. What options users have to fix this, is described in this guide.

iTunes Error -50

The system requirements of the software

Who wants to use the management software iTunes, requires a computer running Windows XP SP 3 (or newer such as Vista, Windows 7 or 8) or Mac OS X 10.7.5 (or later). In addition, 400 MB of disk space on the hard disk required and it is recommended a processor with at least 1 GHz. Thus content from the iTunes Store can be loaded quickly and easily, as well as a fast broadband Internet connection is recommended.

So can I fix iTunes error

1st step: Basically, says the iTunes Error -50 that there are connecting to the Internet a problem. If enabled on the computer ad blockers, firewalls, acceleration software or antivirus software, they should be temporarily disabled when the error message appears. If this was the cause of the error, the respective software must be set so that the iTunes Store may not be blocked. The following domains can not be blocked:

  • itunes.apple.com
  • phobos.apple.com
  • gs.apple.com
  • ax.apple.com
  • albert.apple.com
  • deimos3.apple.com

Step 2: If no software contributes to blame for the error message, the user must check additionally whether the background is not exactly a downloaded or uploaded running, the using up the entire bandwidth.

Step 3: There may also be a problem with files that have been cached. For this purpose, the temporary files from iTunes must be deleted. The data are depending on the operating system in different folders. In OS X, it is ~ / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Downloads in Windows * \ Users \ username \ My Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Media \ Downloads&# 42 ;.

Step 4: Now files must be sought that end with .tmp or m4v.tmp. They are then manually deleted by the user. The iTunes Error -50 should no longer occur.