Change Skype profile picture

Within a short time can replace the optical figurehead in IP telephony provider. learn now had going and change the Skype profile picture! Profile pictures are not only a way to express yourself personally - they also facilitate the overview considerably. With just a few simple steps, the ** Skype profile picture can be changed ** and customize your personal preferences. Who has not IP telephony software, Skype can be downloaded here for free. Change Skype profile picture

Done quickly: Change Skype profile picture

Profile pictures are small images which side are the user name. They not only allow the individual design of the profile, but also the index as chat conversations or conferences. The orientation in friends lists easier. Who change their profile picture in Skype, but it wants to remain anonymous, you can also use impersonal pictures - there are no rules on the subject.

Already in the account settings

Even when installing Skype, the user is prompted to create an account and set a profile picture. The upload your own image from the hard disk or - for those who have a webcam - the possibility of using the selfsame to shoot a snapshot and to use this as your profile picture: The program offers two options.

A new profile picture in minutes

To change the Skype profile picture, only the following steps must be followed: Change Skype profile picture set display picture Step 1: In the upper left corner of the menu item "Skype" choose. Step 2: By clicking on "profile" opens a menu where you select the "Change Display Picture" choose. Step 3: Now a window where two options are offered opens: "Choose" and "snapshot", Step 4: To take a snapshot, the picture is used, which is transmitted from the webcam in the window. Now as desired align the image and clicking on "snapshot" the photo shoot! Step 5: To use an image from the hard drive, the button "Choose" Click on the disk and select the desired image. Step 6: Skype now offers users the ability to tailor their profile picture to your taste. With an acknowledgment can be now finally change the Skype profile picture!