With the TV download Users can receive via Internet TV channel without TV card. The freeware replaced satellite dish and TV at the same time and receives stations from around the world. More than 1,500 channels in 70 languages ​​from 130 countries, the tool brings to the computer!

received with the TV Download TV from around the world

Among the Internet TV programs, the software TVexe among the most versatile in the download offer. Who wants to turn his computer into a window to the digital world, requires a Windows computer with the Vista operating system or younger. The hardware should have 2GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM. A 16-bit stereo sound card and compatible speakers or headphones may not be missing. With the TV download an incomplete software package comes on the computer. To play the video found a current Adobe Flash Player and Windows Media Player are required. Also, the Internet Explorer browser and the browser extension Microsoft Silverlight are a must. Most importantly for limitless zapping, however, a fast Internet connection.

With a few mouse clicks at the right TV channel

With over a thousand channels, the viewer could ever lose track, but the navigation in the channel diversity counteracts. The program window TVexe offers a convenient search function in the major networks offer. A mask can be looking in the station list for certain terms.

TV download

Regions and countries can be selected either from the drop-down menu or via the built-in Google Maps. It is also possible to filter channels offered by the language. TVexe groups the television channels also by genre. Whether music, news, sports or children's program, with one click you get to the appropriate channels. The live feed will appear in the software window or automatically open Internet Explorer. The presentation is dependent on the transmission format of the program. The software provides additional information about the current program. Among other things, language, country, time zone and the transmitter site offered.

Internet TV for thematic channels

The German-language TV package includes 70 different channels, including notable television channels such as 3Sat, n-tv or the WDR. Most channels broadcast from remote locations where they provide a balance to the state television. The offers from Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Poland and throughout Eastern Europe are enormous. While there are relatively few European broadcasters, other continents are very present and provide an almost private glimpse into more remote regions of the world. In addition a number of special interest channels and niche channels, which shine with highly specialized offerings.

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