Dragons brings an MMORPG classic embossed on the computer. In the free game you tümmelt in colorful fantasy environment and measures with other players. The Dragon War takes place in the fictional world Feo. There the people and the Magmars maintain a centuries-lasting enmity. The player joins one of the two factions, and moves to the cities of the gaming world in the waffenklirrend led war. For this, the virtual warriors in the Dragons not only sword and shield to the side, but also different upgradeable skills and characteristics. The purpose necessary experience points you collect, as well as cash for the purchase of new equipment by the successful solving quests or simply winning the fight. This is shown not only a form of a log when Drachenkrieg which yields the output thereof in writing after the end of the battle. The game is the fighting namely is in real time and animated form.