Of the ClocX download brings a featured analog clock on the Windows desktop. The freeware clock includes an alarm and calendar function.

ClocX Download with many configuration options

In terms of appearance and settings ClocX has much to offer. The freeware supports anti-aliasing and transparency, and can be customized with one of the skins contained around 100 all the way to their own desires. Whether classical or modern tastes: from the station clock to the pocket are offered various surfaces. An alarm reminds ClocX appointments and tasks.

Calendar function on board

At predetermined times programs can be started or the computer will automatically shut down. A calendar function is also one of the party. This presents a monthly calendar and the current calendar week. ClocX is a versatile, chic clock with an alarm function and a calendar. The freeware clock embellished the desktop and can be optically adapted to your own taste.

ClocX download