Avira uninstall and remove remains: How

Avira uninstall and remove remains: How

Who uninstall Avira would like to switch to a different virus scanners should make sure that are getting all the remains of the popular antivirus program are eliminated. We show you what to do and how remaining registry entries are completely deleted from your PC after uninstalling. More on this below!

uninstall Avira and safely switch to another anti-virus tool

Avira Free Antivirus Download the user has a powerful and reliable virus hunters at hand, protects the system from malware and online pests of all kinds. A real-time scanning protects the computer from infections with viruses, trojans and rootkits. There are now, however, various other free virus scanner such as Avast or AVG, which do their job are extremely impressive, and have in some tests in terms of detection, performance and memory usage even in the lead. Therefore, it stands to reason that so many users to try a different antivirus and thus want to uninstall Avira.

uninstall Avirauninstall Avira and clean the Windows registry.

Avira Registry Cleaner frees the registry data remains from the house Avira

The Avira Uninstall is basically just like any other Windows software. One click is enough to remove the program from the system. Before the user installs another virus scanner, but it should uninstall make sure that really all Avira residues are removed completely from the system and the registry according to the Avira. A useful tool for this is Avira Avira Registry Cleaner even available.

find remains of an Avira install and uninstall Avira

This small freeware utility is specifically designed to locate remains of an Avira installation and discard them from the registry. After starting the free Mr. Clean scans the system database and removes remaining after Avira entries automatically by a simple mouse click.

dispose of superfluous data remnants of the virus scanner

Avira Registry Cleaner thus eliminating any remnants no longer needed in the registry that still lie dormant even after uninstalling a Avira software in the system database. The handling is quite simple: Click on removing the user sets the scan of the registry in motion and provides prompt an overview of whether registry entries still exist that need to clean it. Check boxes serve to select all or selected entries and delete them.

Avira Uninstall Avira Registry CleanerAvira remains can be removed with Cleaner Registry.

A clean uninstall Avira prevents conflicts with other programs

the user can move safely to another virus hunters Now that the registry is cleaned of redundant entries and thus no conflicts are to be expected with other antivirus programs. Avira Registry Cleaner not only supports Avira Antivirus Free, but also other products such as Avira Antivirus Pro, Internet Security Suite, System Speedup and Server Security.