First Aid: Firefox starts slowly

Firefox starts slowly and the cause is unclear? This is not always the browser. learn now common causes and speed up Firefox! The Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the most popular browsers on the market - and has been for many years. Also, you can download Mozilla Firefox for free. Firefox is characterized by high speed and versatility, because now there are many add-ons that make the browser additional very useful features. After prolonged use, it may happen that the browser takes a long time to start. Many users are wondering, therefore, My Firefox starts slowly &# 45; what are the causes?

Firefox starts slowly, detoxify the browser

For long starting times of the browser there are many different causes. In principle, however, there are some steps that users should perform when Firefox is slowed down by unknown programs and add-ons. Now, although Firefox is slow to start, the browser with the following instructions can be revamped.

The conditions of the browser

In order to install the browser, a current version of Windows is required. Which includes:

  • Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 & 8th.Even Mac users can install Firefox, is required here Max OS X 10.6 or later. In addition, a Pentium 4 processor, 512 MB RAM, and 200 MB are provided disk space.

So Firefox start faster

In the first step must be checked first, the entry page has been set. Some sites require a very long time to load, so that Firefox loads in the case for long. therefore regarded as a recommended empty page. Firefox starts slowly check some antivirus programs at the start of programs different files. own antivirus program may check for an excessive amount of files when you start Firefox, so Firefox "decelerated" becomes. The antivirus software can be stopped briefly as step two for testing therefore. Often the browser extensions, so-called add-ons is, or slowed by Themes. Therefore, for fault identification, it is recommended that the next step is that all extensions and themes are initially disabled so that it can be excluded that one of these processes causes the slowdown. In the fourth and final step, it is worth addition, if Windows is optimized and unnecessary programs are uninstalled.