Calls with WhatsApp: What you should know

It was long speculated about the new VoIP function, now it's there. who with WhatsApp calls want, but some should consider. Here learn the most important facts to call function!

Since Tuesday, March 31, 2015 it is now that: The WhatsApp call function. Any user who has already the version 2.12.19 Download from WhatsApp for Android can use the new call feature. The function presently only Transmission of sound ready, image transfer will probably still follow. Who still frowned upon the innovation and does not dare right here gets the full load of WhatsApp calls info. We show how easy it is, if you want to call with WhatsApp. We also have tips on operating the features on board and point to pitfalls that you should always observe.

WhatsApp calls

Calls with WhatsApp: Simple, right?

Actually, yes, because the operation of the new function really could not be easier. Before you can plunge into the Plauderwahnsinn but should some Requirements for using the WhatsApp calls be met:

  • Update to version 2.12.19
  • the telephone partner should have the latest version also
  • Android operating system (for iOS are calls STILL not available)
  • stable Internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network)

Calls on WhatsApp: how it works

If the requirements for telephoning met, the user proceeds as follows:

WhatsApp calls Tabs1. First WhatsApp is opened. A new structure of the app is immediately apparent. the three tabs can make calls, chats andcontacts be accessed via a new bar. Behind the Tab calls all calls are now listed: no matter if made, accepted or missed.

WhatsApp phone call tab

Second Now the contact is selected to be called. This you go on the chat to the desired contact. The chat is clicked and now should the receiver icon will appear above the chat history in the menu bar.

Third Now just click the icon and the connection to the desired person is established.

WhatsApp phone contact4th The call is terminated as usual on the red handset.

Setting options for WhatsApp calls

A feature that is not entirely irrelevant in terms of telephony, is the ringtone. For this, WhatsApp has integrated some ways. Under Settings and then Notifications, the user finds pretty low various options that affect the ringtone. Thus, the incoming call ring tone can be selected for one. In addition, one can use contactless specific sounds or activate the vibrate.

WhatsApp phone ringtone

Costs when making calls via WhatsApp

Who wants to make calls with WhatsApp, leads in principle calls over the Internet, as we know already from other VoIP services such as Skype. The calls are routed via Facebook server. No matter where the user can calls are made around the world in this way, provided there is an Internet connection.

Here's the rub comes in the function. Easily and without restriction is the call function, if you look in the WLAN located. For one, the voice quality is then great, because the network is stable. Second, the own data volume is not tapped.However, those who on its own mobile network want to call using WhatsApp must note two things:

1. The voice quality might suffer a bit because the radio network is usually not as stable as a Wi-Fi connection.

Second Who wants to make calls over its mobile network, should have a plan with enough data volume, because the calls do not suck inconsiderable amounts of data. 1.5 Mbyte be claimed per minute on average. For example, users who have a data flat rate of 1 GB, can make calls around 10 hours on WhatsApp, then the data volume is zero.