Juice Jam

Well-known match-3 principle in a new but equally cute look: In the Juice Jam App traveling users with a juice shop through the country and take orders by multitudes of visitors on. For this juicy fruits must be sent combined. Countless always tricky expectant levels waiting to be solved by skillful moves.

Juice Jam app - what a Saftladen

The US development studio SGN is known for its cute mobile games. Particularly in the match-3 games, the developers are very active and always deliver new apps to. Also the Juice Jam Android game can be assigned to this genre. The gameplay should be familiar to many users, among others, already from Cookie Jam, so here the same objects must be combined. Only this time it is fruits such as strawberries, apples, grapes or blueberries. The graphics are very cute, colorful as usual and with great attention.

Juice Jam AppThe Juice Jam App is a typical match-3 game

The game can be played on iOS, Amazon and Android next Facebook. The download offered here brings the Android version on the smartphone or tablet, which should have about 3.0 Minimum Android. The download is free, the app but in-app products for real money offered. The prices of these items have made it quite a kick - they range from around one euro to 110 euro.

combine crisp fruit in Juice Jam Android

The player gets into the game a juice shop, with whom he travels through many countries in the gaming world. On his way he meets countless guests place orders. At the top of the screen the impatient guests appear on the sides you can see the following customers that have yet to be served in the level.

Juice Jam app taskThe player must combine and make guests happy fruits

The player's task is to fulfill these requests as quickly as possible. This is achieved by combining the same fruit together after the famous match-3 principle. are required in the Juice Jam App series of at least three objects, but more are even better. In this way striped fruit or other boosters can be generated.

Beware of the cat

What else begins harmlessly into the first levels, increases rapidly to the ride. Already at level four is waiting the voracious cat that has to be overcome. Moreover, the orders must be satisfied with a limited number of moves. Therefore, one should always look out for possible power-ups and so on. In a pinch, you can help with the in-app products.