Samsung Galaxy J3 manual

Samsung Galaxy J3 manual

Of the Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual Download contains as a PDF file on 91 pages an excellent guide with tips & Tricks. The Samsung Galaxy J3 manual provides users of the popular smartphones with a helpful guide for future reference.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual Download PDF guides on 91 pages

The Samsung Galaxy J3 guide shows buyers of the popular smartphones all the basic important functions in detail. Various figures illustrate the successful PDF manual. The Samsung Galaxy J3 user supports the following J3 smartphone models: SM-J320F / DS and SM J320FN. This is the Galaxy smartphone J3 a cost-effective entry-level model from Samsung, which enjoys thanks to the dual-SIM function very popular. Two-grid SIM cards can simultaneously be used.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual DownloadSamsung Galaxy J3 Manual Download: PDF manual on 91 pages

Samsung Galaxy DUOS J3 as dual SIM mobile phone

This offers the possibility to be available for messages and calls from two different networks and for example, a private and to use a work phone with a smartphone. Through collective sharing with two network cards and different contract options, the user can also secure the benefits of different tariffs. The Samsung Galaxy J3 DUOS offers a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor with 1.5 GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel main camera, and Android 5.1 as the operating system on delivery. The smartphone fits with compact dimensions (5.0 inches) and lightweight perfectly in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy J3 user with first steps and functionality of Apps

The Samsung Galaxy J3 manual first provides basic information, including the delivery and device design as well as battery, SIM or USIM card, memory card and the switching on and off of the device. Other topics in the first chapter of the J3 manual on pages 4 to 37 are touch screen, home screen, lock screen, notification box, enter text, screenshot, open applications and the device and data management. It continues on page 38 under the heading applications. Here is all about how to install applications or uninstalled and the Samsung Apps such as phone, contacts, messages, Internet, email, camera, gallery, Smart Manager, S Planner, video, voice recorder, My files, Memo, Clock, calculator, radio and uses Google Apps.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual Download Device componentsBasic information, among other things with the device design

All settings of the Samsung Galaxy DUOS J3 in detail

The third major chapter in Samsung Galaxy J3 manual download is overwritten with settings. Here the Galaxy J3 user via the sections WiFi, Bluetooth, offline, mobile hotspot and tethering data usage, SIM card management information (Dual-SIM), mobile networks, NFC and payment, connection settings, sounds and notifications, ads, applications, wallpapers, themes, device security, data protection, input assistance, accounts, back up and reset, language, and entry and the date and time. The final chapter is on page 84 advice and help with problems. More Smartphone manuals and programs for telecommunications, our extensive download catalog.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Manual Download NFCSend with the NFC feature images or contacts to other devices