Change WhatsApp group name: Find it!

Change WhatsApp group name: Find it!

Who a Change WhatsApp group name want the admin of the group need not necessarily be. Each member is able to assign the name of the group as you desire new. We show in our step by step guide on how this works after downloading WhatsApp. Try it now and choose a new group subject!

WhatsApp group name change made easy!

The WhatsApp group names are assigned when setting up a new group by the founder of the group or the administrator, but can be at any time quickly and easily change again. It is in the WhatsApp group names to the "Subject group"So what does each member of this group to refer to the WhatsApp chat group. This can, of course, may be subject to change and prove to be out of date.

An example: A group "class 9a" can the new school year in easily "class 10a" be renamed without cumbersome new group created must turn and members must be involved in this from the Admin.

Change WhatsApp group nameChange WhatsApp group name: We show you how it works!

Maximum 25 characters are allowed in WhatsApp group name

The length of the WhatsApp group name can be up to 25 characters. Not only letters and numbers are allowed, but also for example special characters and WhatsApp smileys. But beware: If the user fully exploits the maximum WhatsApp group name length, it may be that in the view of the chat window, the name of the group is not displayed completely and instead to see only about 20 characters.

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Change WhatsApp group name: step by step

How then can change the concrete WhatsApp group name? First, the user selects the desired group and typed up on the name of the chat group. This opens the information window of the group, in which, among other things, all participants are listed. Here is also seen, when and by whom the WhatsApp group was originally created. The user taps now on the icon with the stylus and is immediately asked to enter a new subject for the group. The number of characters for this purpose each still available is displayed to the right of the WhatsApp group name.

The members of WhatsApp group be made aware of the new subject

Click on the OK button, the new group name is confirmed and all members of WhatsApp group be made aware of the new subject of the group. In the WhatsApp group chats of up to 256 people can be accommodated and chat with each other. It is a simple and straightforward way to connect with friends and colleagues in touch and exchange messages. Who wants to know how users create WhatsApp group and manage using our guide.