White Label Office offers an alternative to Microsoft Office. The free office software like LibreOffice is based on the source code of OpenOffice and packs in addition to a word processor, a presentation software, and spreadsheets, drawing and database program and formula editor on the computer. White Label Office like OpenOffice as an egg at a time. Optionally, you start the Office apps via Start Center or directly via application icon in the Windows Start menu. The built-in word processor proves to be just as powerful and versatile as the OpenOffice counterpart. Excel files can also edit the Calc spreadsheet and save as PowerPoint presentations compatible with White Label Office Impress play and create. Another strength has inherited White Label Office by the sister OpenOffice, is the wide support of office formats. The free office suite reads and writes numerous document formats such as Word 2003, MS Office 2010 as well as the XML format and its own Open Document Format ODF. If desired, the free office software also exported documents to PDF format. Tools like a formula editor, database and drawing tools complete the Office suite. If it goes to the developers, White Label Office takes on the legacy of OpenOffice. The differences between White Label Office, LibreOffice and OpenOffice you can currently looking through a magnifying glass. The different variants and name of the Office suite are owed to the dispute to the brand name OpenOffice, making selection difficult users rather than relieved. The bottom line is a stable working free office suite that can compete technically efficient in many areas with Microsoft Office remains.