psynetic gif-X

With psynetic gif-X users enable the eponymous images in motion. The free GIF animator uses this already existing graphics or video files. The import module can cope not only with common image formats such as JPG, PNG or BMP, but also with AVI, MPEG or QuickTime movies. This automatically split psynetic gif-X after opening in individual frames. In this way, the user affected, among other things, how many milliseconds the images will be shown in the later GIF animation. In addition, the pixel dimensions can be adapted to assign background colors or retain existing transparencies. Further changes psynetic gif-X without much effort, the temporal position of the individual graphics within the animation. Based on a preview, the user also checks its work before the actual export. Finished moving graphics are the freeware out either as single images as an animated GIF or video file. Here, psynetic gif-X formats FLV, SWF and WMV, and AVI to choose from. By the way: The download area also a portable version is found for use on USB flash drives and other removable media.