julitecDM Free

julitecDM manages documents and information of any kind. With the style of Windows Explorer, the surface opens up even beginners quickly and allows the easy introduction to the world of document management. This version is no longer offered by the manufacturer. Alternatives: julitecCONTACT julitecCRM The Explorer-based concept is the same linchpin of the administration. For each customer and each project is applying to folder here all the client or the project documents in question will in future be organized. Each employee may at any time have access to all documents, save them as PDF, forwarded by e-mail, open for further processing or print for reading. The integrated preview makes it fast scrolling through documents of any kind. By full-text search finds one document also quick and easy. And provides the search modes quick search and advanced search ready. The extended version allows the restriction of the search results, for example, on a specific date range. julitecDM really interesting by the seamless integration into the customer management system julitecCRM or julitecCONTACT. The combination of the two office systems designed to deal with large customer databases quickly and easily.

Limitations of julitecDM Free

Full of features, only the number of documents is limited to 500