WhatsApp: "You could have new messages" - What does this mean?

WhatsApp: “You could have new messages” – What does this mean?

A new message is indeed displayed in Messenger usually with a small icon in the status bar. Who these messages looking more closely, but comes every now and then in a strange message. then reports WhatsApp “You could have new messages”. But what’s behind it?

WhatsApp says “you could have new messages” – and all this: Huh?

Who will receive a new message in WhatsApp for Android, which will be displayed depending on the setting, a pop-up and depending on the device and a small number on the app icon. However, is the same everywhere, the small icon in the status bar at the top of the screen.

WhatsApp You could have new messagesThe message for Whatsapp, "You could have new messages" donates again for confusion. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

If you open the status bar, for example by drawing down, you get a short preview of the newly arrived message. And some has certainly already wondering at this very moment.

Instead of a new message, you see the following message from WhatsApp: “You could have new messages.” Aha. Very telling, the one or the other surely thought.

The solution: the Internet looking for!

The fact is WhatsApp not skin this message about out to confuse you. Rather, it is that you probably find yourself just in an environment with poor reception and therefore news in the pipeline are.

These may not be able to be easily displayed on the home screen, but can be may already call in the app – or if your Internet is stable again. So just look from time to time in the app, you should receive this message. Often the messages arrive, however, once you open the app.

WhatsApp You could have received new messagesThe most common reason why the message: the reception is poor. (Picture: pixabay / Editorial)

Third reason: software problem or other technical reasons

But it need not necessarily be on the missing or insufficient data link that you will receive this message. Possibly a message from various technical reasons, can not yet determine WhatsApp you. Just wait is the motto.

Certainly it may well be that your WhatsApp version has a problem – if, for example, the last update was not installed properly and the program can therefore run not quite round. Then you may get even no new messages – except WhatsApp-"You could have new messages"-Report.

Here you can easily try it to install an older version of WhatsApp on your device manually. How this works, you can learn in this article: to restore the old version With WhatsApp: Find it!

If WhatsApp then again automatically updated and the error should still occur, you have probably only once in a previous version remain (ie, yet another old version as “new” APK install) – or wait until WhatsApp itself corrects the error.

Perhaps you have also disables your Android background data. Just switch on again – then maybe you can the message alone.

WhatsApp You could have new messages VersionCan sometimes help: go back to an old version of WhatsApp. (Picture: pixabay)

Fourth “basic”: Mute Groups

No reason, but the result of the first two reasons, but in this case particularly annoying: Perhaps you are a member of a group chat, whose members are highly active and you have therefore turned the tone for this very group the juice. Whoever turns a group of silent, can also receive every now and then the release of WhatsApp that new messages could be there. That this is very annoying – for a chat is prepared from a private concern dumb – we do not need to run on.

In principle occurs, but rather the power problem – and this resolves itself so often on their own. So the message is in WhatsApp, you could have new messages, most annoying. Disable this message can not be but (so far).