Of the download DayZ is an offshoot of military simulator ARMA 2. In the modification, it is a nerve-racking zombie survival game. Everything rotates about its own survival.

DayZ Download already available as an alpha version

The player fights against zombies and can thereby cooperate with other gamers, to increase its chances of survival. Still under development, survival horror game from Bohemia Interactive can be played in an alpha version already, which is available on the gaming platform Steam. The player is required of all in the Dayz download. He needs food and drinking water and is constantly in danger of being attacked by zombies or other players cheated and robbed.

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Relentless fight against zombies

The plot of DayZ begins on a stretch of beach in the fictional post-Soviet state Cherna Russia. Whose inhabitants have mutated into zombies because of a mysterious viral disease. The player assumes the role of a survivor. He needs to fight with no weapons and only a few supplies provided through enemy territory. He is always looking for the most important staple food and water, as well as drugs, weapons, ammunition and everything is useful for survival. In the online game, the player encounters survivors who are controlled by other players as opposed to the zombies. Whether they are friendly or hostile to him, he never knows. If the former is the case, you can design common tactics in the open world to help each other and to provide protection.

Drugs are of great importance DayZ

The survival horror game does not output the actual goal or individual missions. the player’s task is merely to beat in the 225 square kilometers of game world through and survive. He must be as unobtrusive and quietly operate to attract any zombies. The Defector as hatchet or crossbow are therefore preferable to firearms mostly for the player to not attract the attention of the undead. He must also take into account that he always remains possible under cover and out of view is. In planes he had better move in creep. Very important are drugs of all kinds, so wounds and having a transfusion can be administered in high blood loss. Especially bad are broken bones, have to be enough for morphine or a rail wooden sticks. Who panics because of his injury or pain, comes into tremors, which significantly complicates the targets with the gun.

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Text and voice chat to communicate

The cold makes it hard to create the players and can lead to colds. Here the player himself must decide whether he wants to take the risk to start a campfire. After all, you can find along the way through the interior heat packs or warm clothing. Nevertheless, their own survival proves to be extremely difficult. If the player fails and dies, it loses its equipment and has to start all over again. In this case, he has the opportunity to rob with his new toy figure providing equipment for corpse. Here, however, he must be quick to come to him no other gamers before. For communication with other players a Textchat- and voice chat function provides. Even hand signals are possible.

DayZ Download Zombies

One million downloads in the first month DayZ

DayZ has achieved extraordinary success in the early alpha version of the game. This was published in December 2013 Steam and brought the developers on the first publication day around 4 million euros to your account. Within the first month downloads were counted over a million. It will be interesting to the final version, which will cause a stir in the fan base. However, it will still take some time. The beta phase is expected to be the end of 2015 and the final Dayz download in the first half of the 2016th

Another important note: The game is classified as USK 18 and is not suitable, also because the brutal suicide animations and other human abysses of the zombie apocalypse for children and adolescents. Additional network games and shooter for free download are available in our extensive software offering.

Warning: The video is only suitable for viewers over the age of 18!