UltraMixer makes the Windows PC to the DJ mixer. The mix software plays and mixes music with each other and also provides a number of effects ready. Whether one is for digital DJ digital music formats like MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG or WAV, with UltraMixer. All that is required for this is a sound card. The DJ's turntables are replaced by two digital sound player, the "vinyls" stand in the integrated file archives in seconds available. Whether professional gig or at a private party or as virtual jukebox in restaurants or surgeries, UltraMixer is used in many ways and for many musical events is the right choice. UltraMixer is available as a Free Edition and the Basic Edition for private users and the Professional Edition for high demands and commerical use. All versions are integrated in one program, and can be activated through the appropriate license keys. In this way, the switch to a more advanced version of the program without any problem. All in all UltraMixer is a nice DJ software, which is, however, so not find their way into the club. To give in the area of ​​electronic music on the gas, it lacks easy to too many places. For Partybeschaller or Home DJs but the freeware is sufficient. Not free, but with more features: Ultra Mixer Pro

Limitations of UltraMixer Free

Limited functionality in the Free Edition. Demo of Pro version for 60 minutes each program start. Registration reminder on startup.