Aquamarine Haushaltsbuch

The aquamarine household book has been designed for private individuals and is a great help for the presentation and analysis of their own finances. Above all, emphasis was placed on ease of use, which is actually guaranteed by the German-speaking program interface.

The Aquamarine Budget book download for more overview of the finances

In order to get a better view of his own finances, helping the Download the aquamarine Haushaltsbuch. With his help, the education and income can namely sort by categories and topics and still show this graphically in order to evaluate the revenue and expenditure better. The download and the subsequent installation of the program go there quickly and take up much time.

Aquamarine Budget Book Download

German-language user interface of the household book for a simple operation

The layout of aquamarine Budget book is generously and very clear: The program has a German-language user interface, which greatly facilitates the handling of the tool. But the design helps: The user selects by category, accounts, transaction types or the period. In the fixed bar at the bottom of the interface, the expenditure and revenue are represented and in the plane in the middle of the user interface all bookings made are listed. This simple outline makes it so easy for all users to deal with the tool and these intuitive operation, it is also what sets this software from other budget books for free download.

save better with Aquamarine Haushaltsbuch

Among the biggest powers of the tools include the Analysis of expenditure and income the respective user. Furthermore, one of the features of the Budget Code of the Import of bank statements in the formats CSU or MT940. Thus, the collection of all revenue and expenditure is significantly easier than the user would have to enter only laboriously by hand. In addition, the tool this expenditure and revenue graphically so that the user can see exactly where his Ausgabenfokusse are to make targeted savings there.

Aquamarine Budget Book Download

A wonderful home help for the overview and saving With the aquamarine Budget Book Download everyone will do well: Easy to use and with many thoughtful extras, the tool comes on the home PC. The budget accounts effectively helps to determine the Ausgabenfokusse to use them to do targeted savings and also provides the revenue is clearly visible. Budget books for free download, there are certainly many, but with aquamarine budget accounts, each user is very well served, what, above all, intuitive operation is due.

Limitations of aquamarine Haushaltsbuch

When used continually is aquamarine budget accounts for a few seconds interrupted by a donation request.