Calendar 2016

Calendar 2016

With the Calendar 2016 Download There are 16 free templates are editable and then printed out. You can choose from eight templates in landscape and portrait orientation – both in black and white and with colored highlights. In addition to annual reviews can be found in this selection versions that indicate half a year or a quarter per side. So you never lose track even with numerous dates. In all versions, the public holidays are highlighted. next to it the regional holidays with the State appear in each template in which on this day the work is based.

According to the calendar 2016 year Download the full view

No matter how the annual budget looks like, whether private appointments, study or the tasks have to be managed in the job: The free download package is available for every need the right template. The calendar can be easily downloaded as a zip file to your PC and unpacked. After that, the templates in various layouts and designs are available.

Editing appointments

The templates in calendar 2016 download are all in Excel format and edit easily with this software. Whom the predefined color schemes not like it can adjust to their individual needs. Regularly recurring events be registered before the phrase and highlight color if needed. Although this is in principle to calendar for 2016 for printing, if you want, but can create with your computer and manage their appointments in these templates. However this every time Microsoft Excel has to be started.

Calendar 2016 DownloadCalendar 2016 Download with templates for editing and printing (image:

What to do if no Excel is available?

If users do not have installed on your PC Excel, there are two options:

  1. With the free download OpenOffice users receive a free alternative to Microsoft Office. Thus, in addition to Word documents and Excel documents can be processed.

  2. The package includes the Excel files and PDF versions of the calendar. This can be not worked with normal PDF viewers, printed easily, however, and used as a paper template.

Calendar 2016 Download uniNumerous calendar for 2016 for printing (image:

Resize Calendar

The templates included 2016 Download the calendar are all aligned on the classic Din A4 format. Anyone with a printer, which can handle larger formats can customize the calendar accordingly. The enlargement of the printouts is possible with both the Excel and PDF files. This in the printer options, only the paper size must be set to the desired size.