Samplitude Music Studio

With the Samplitude Music Studio Download is a complete professional solution in audio production and editing into the home recording studio. The production environment accompanied amateur musicians from the initial idea to the finished CD.

Samplitude Music Studio download for professional music production

The compact studio for musicians combines ease of use and powerful features of audio and MIDI. So whether you record instruments and vocals or Vorlieb takes with virtual instruments such as piano, saxophone and drums and cool Synthiesizern - or both - is irrelevant for Samplitude. Thanks to current interfaces VST to ReWire engage users on countless plugins or link the Studio software with other programs such as Reason, Fruity Loops & Co. In addition to standards such as EQ, compressor, reverb and delay lead synth, Century Guitars and flexible drum lure engine.

The loop designers, the docking system baptized improved window management, and the Easy mixer additionally facilitate the work. If you like jamming, but will be without backing, will appreciate the automatic accompaniment. The module complements and supports recording at selectable tempos and styles - practical! Samplitude Music Studio 2015 extends the functionality with new tone generator of electric guitar and vintage organ and electric piano and wind instruments to virtual synthesizer DN-e1. In addition, the new Vocal Tune for pitch correction not completely fixed note sung vocals makes. Auto Mastering supports producers, however, by a sound optimization of the complete mix with a few clicks.

Other features: 128-track multitrack recorder, 64-bit multi-core support and touch controls for contemporary gesture control. The audio / MIDI sequencer Samplitude Music Studio brings in short with everything you need for music production. The one-click uploading of songs to Facebook, SoundCloud & Co. completes the studio from addition - as a standalone solution or as a supplement in the project studio.

Samplitude Music Studio Download

Limitations of Samplitude Music Studio

30 day trial period