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Audials Radiotracker completed the domestic MP3 collection with music from tens of thousands of web radio stations worldwide. The new version extends the search function and scores with a cloud support and Subscribe and Download from podcasts.

Audials Radiotracker Download: save songs as MP3s

How it works: Either one enters a desired style or a desired artist or song on the radio tracker search. Also interesting is the search for similar artists and songs. To do this, simply choose a song from the hard disk and can locate the application to similar music. Audials Radiotracker now search radio stations worldwide and takes the process or the desired song (s) on. Here, also in social music, e.g. Last.FM, Pandora, etc. browsed for matching tracks.

Radiotracker also comes with podcasts deal

Podcasts are also supported by the way, audiobooks convert users but only with the big solutions or Audials One to. Just Audials One can, incidentally, a lot more and is worth a look anyway.

Audials Radiotracker Download

Normalization of the volume of all songs

Saved songs are cut automatically, provided with ID tags and covers and also normalizes the volume. the music is stored as either MP3 or in space-saving AAC format, that is compatible with many mobile devices. Each song review appears that provides information on the quality and number of other factors and thus makes the decision easy: Off to the music collection or not?

Audials Radiotracker provides the songs with tags, covers and lyrics

The collected audio resources can be in a library on the PC, mobile devices and manage in the cloud with Audials Radiotracker. The shareware automatically completes your music collection available with ID3 tags, album covers and song lyrics. All imported songs and missing tags are thereby adjusted to within the user default. The shareware has a duplicate Manager from board. This can tidy up your own music collection and choose to display only the highest-quality recording of a song from. Superfluous doppelganger can be used individually or delete at once from the collection. Those looking for a free audio recorder, will find in our extensive download catalog.

Audials Radiotracker web radio download

Web radio specialist with integrated audio and video player

More than 50,000 online radio stations are automatically ransacked by their own musical favorites, filtered and stored as MP3. Thanks to the practical "Enter-and-forget-Search" the time required for this purpose are extremely low, not least because songs found to be completely edited and tagged, without the need to expend this for even a minute.

Limitations of Audials Radiotracker

The trial version will only include a limited number of items.

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