Of the ezBlutwerte download collecting readings for different individuals with the values ​​for each measured value of blood. The shareware delivers 79 blood values ​​with upper and lower limits that can be expanded by the user to your own values.

Check with the ezBlutwerte Download blood level measurements

ezBlutwerte shows at any given blood level an explanation of meaning each measured value. Differs a measured blood level of the set upper or lower limit from a possible diagnosis is automatically displayed. All blood measurements can be recorded with the date and the course visualize in a graphical view. In this way, users recognize fluctuations critical blood tests easier and faster.

Own backup module on board

ezBlutwerte administered to patients, physicians, health insurers, and blood measurements for a good user experience using the same pattern. So there is one overall list, all equipped with the same functions for creating, editing, and deleting data. ezBlutwerte brings its own backup module for their safety, which outsources the information on request to FTP drives. All details masks - like the patient mask - are built on the same principle: each address, regardless of whether the patient, physician, health insurance, master data or other address can be assigned to any relations, appointments, events and documents.

ezBlutwerte download

Reference tables help users when entering new blood values. With ezBlutwerte patients and doctors can record their blood readings quickly and easily, and manage. Numerous protocol functions access users also diagnose the blood level measurements under the arms.