Best Forge of Empires Tips for the Empire

Best Forge of Empires Tips for the Empire

Who wants to proceed Coming in the award-winning building game through the ages, should lay the proper foundations. Our Tips Forge of Empires help. make smart now!

since then the download of Forge of Empires for Android on the market, users can now also go potter in the establishment of their empire. But not the ones who spend the most time in the game, win – but those who approach with brains on the matter and already make their first steps in the Stone Age elaborate.

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Best Forge of Empires Tips for maximum success

In Forge of Empires game is the challenge for the user to develop over different periods of time to a great ruler. To create an empire from the initial mini-settlement of the Stone Age, including a lot of patience, but above all strategic skills. We have compiled a few important tips so that the project succeeds. We have as well different areas of the game – including fighting, construction and trade – considered.

Important tips for building

In the construction match the user is not unlimited space available. Therefore, one should try to build as much as possible to save space. Say, it is recommended to get the most from existing production facilities before creating new ones.

Among the most important tips Forge of Empires includes a feature that you can use as well due to lack of space: Moving. both buildings and roads and planted objects you can as often as you want to move. This helps in so many place-Not. The function can be found behind the wrench.

Efforts should be made also to complete construction Quests nimble as possible to move forward in the game. Good to know: A Quest can also be fulfilled by the construction of a road or by tearing off a building. In general, one should avoid unnecessary roads, as they only rob space. When building which, at their best only straight roads without curves and Knicks.

Tips Forge of Empires productivityTo increase productivity tips

Tips to increase productivity

Among the most important tips Forge of Empires include measures to increase production. It is particularly effective when producing resources at short intervals, insofar as I possible. This allows you to produce high-yielding, which is especially important in tools. To illustrate: If you get 50 items after one hour from the pottery, but gets 25 items during a 15-minute production, the case is clear. Who can be performed in one hour four orders can double production to 100 items.

Tips Forge of Empires satisfactionActivities increase satisfaction and thus productivity

Productivity is also skyrocket if the citizens are satisfied. This is achieved by creating culture, nature and leisure activities to enhance the quality of life. Soon the Smiley will start to grin. Productivity increases to around 120 percent.

In addition, always, it pays to take a look at the market place. Here you can suggest one or the other bargain and to increase the supply of its goods. Especially in the advanced stage of game play when the production of needed goods takes a lot of time, you can handle the production time and acquire the needed item directly. Otherwise, the rule applies: If possible, sell expensive and buy as cheaply as possible. More tips on there operate under the item trade.

Tips for a good warfare

Also fighting is part of a good game plan to do so. Without the following tips Forge of Empires you can also do some things as wrong.

  • Before each turn-based combat, it is important to know the battlefield well and best use.
  • Spearmen and slingers are far more effective as a rider.
  • Slingers always at a safe distance to the opponents. Spearman is positioned as a hedge in front. Both units can be made more resilient with appropriate cover (bushes or trees).
  • In addition to the attack and the defense thinking (in the unit menu). Why? otherwise, there is a risk that players rob the production and let go with expensive goods.

Tips Forge of Empires BattleCorrect warfare in Forge of Empires

operate and trade in Forge of Empires

Every age has five different commodities. At a certain game state is therefore no longer possible for the gamer, to cover all resources through domestic production. The latest from this stage of the trade and the marketplace come into play. Since the market is very dependent on the neighborhood, it is difficult to give concrete Forge of Empires Tips. However, one should try to offer deals of raw materials the same period at a price of one. Urgent cases may require a course of one and a half. Commodity older age it is necessary to provide an incentive.

Tips Forge of Empires tradeoffers on the market goods and buy