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Of the HyperSnap download brings one of the most powerful screen capture programs on the home PC. Where other screenshot tools fail, this tool really begins. It is capable of games running in DirectX capture, and to pull images from movies – all without color distortion. The highlight: It can even read texts.

HyperSnap Download a real professional screen capture tool

Amidst the large supply of software for creating screenshots is a stand out from the crowd. This download creates screenshots where other programs throw in the towel. Games, video and large websites are not a problem for the tool. In addition, the helper comes to Screen Capture also has useful tools for image processing on board.

HyperSnap download

HyperSnap snaps all screen activities

As already indicated, the HyperSnap download with all the requirements is clear. The tool can in addition to “normal” screen conditions, such as images, applications or websites also hold complex activities as an image. Among other screenshots can be absorbed by 3D games, which are issued in DirectX, Direct3D, 3Dfx Glide or. The same applies to video streams from which images can be drawn and stored as a graphics format without any problems. The program creates these photos without color distortion. For storage made screenshots also provides the user with 20 formats. are supported by the software, among other popular image formats like GIF, JPG or BMP. The program also dominated thus also complete series can customize the batch mode. Another highlight is that the screen photographer who can capture in a picture over large sites that span multiple pages. Where other screen capture tool can only detect the visible range, HyperSnap brings an auto scroll function.


make screenshots and read texts

Another special feature of the program is the ability to read texts. That is, the user can make any screenshot, for example, from a website. Using built TextSnap function, the user is now able to read in the image existing text passages to pull out. This feature is helpful if texts do not select and then copy can, as with some PDFs. The appropriate tool can detect these texts, filter out and make editable to the user. The text can then be used to further use as needed in a text editor such as Word insert.

HyperSnap download text reading

Image processing functions for screenshots

Users who want to edit their screenshots, can do this directly in the program. So HyperSnap Download strip comes with tools for image editing. Among other pictures with comments and annotations can be provided. This is useful if you want to use the screenshot to illustrate. Furthermore, cut the images and provided with graphic elements and effects. That is, there can be various shapes such as ellipses or rectangles and speech bubbles and arrows integrate.

HyperSnap Download image editing

Limitations of HyperSnap

20 days trial.

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