Baby Ariel: The acclaimed teen star of 2023

Baby Ariel: The acclaimed teen star of

The new hype catapulted teenagers currently in the star status. One of the most popular Baby Ariel. As she comes to more than eight million fans? learn everything about the new cult app!

The music video app is only a few months on the market, but developing right now as the new teen favorite. Downloading the app is namely primarily one thing: the self-expression. And that seems to want to live mainly adolescents excessive.

Baby ArielBaby Ariel – the new star of

Baby Ariel: More than 8 million fans

Your real name is Ariel Martin – but the digital world knows really only under the pseudonym Baby Ariel. With this user name, the 15-year-old girl released from Florida namely their musicals. These are mainly rap and pop playback video. With which it has succeeded, moreover, to rally for more than eight million fans behind. but their popularity is not just limited to the app. It also combines well on all major social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. several million followers and fans. Her own blog she also.

Under Baby Ariel can be found more than 600 lip-sync videos, with which it has more than 300 million collected Luv (The equivalent of Likes). On YouTube, there is also the first compilations of their best videos.

Baby Ariel VideosABove 600 videos Baby Ariel has been published

The “normal” life of baby Ariel

Baby Ariel was born in South Florida. Since she is still at school, she is still living there with her parents and her younger brother Jacob. Her mother is from New Jersey and her father is from Panama. Your grandparents come from all different parts of the world (Spain, Israel, Cuba), so it feels really, not only as an American. In her spare time she likes to depend on with friends, going to parties – but sings mainly and dances they passionate about. Of these, one could already have more times on She had actually discovered the app last summer (2015) out of boredom itself. When her parents’ house was under water, they had to move out temporarily and stay with their grandparents. There they knew what to do with himself and stumbled across the app.

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Before they even realized what had happened, she had already several thousand fans. Her brother is incidentally also very active and successful in the community.

What is so special about

The focus of the app is self-expression. User can create video snippets that are more than 15 seconds with it and publish. The core function is the Lip Sync principle. Like the time the mini-playback show, the mostly young users are now moving their lips to their favorite songs. Although one could also take quotes from famous movies and series. The results are then called musicals and performers Muser.

To process provides its newcomers strictly speaking not so great tools ready. There is a section function, a text box and a few filters – but that it was almost even. The focus is clearly on the spread – which takes place in the community itself as well as on other social channels. Users simply link each other, use hashtags and already is the viral effect afoot. And the principle seems to be working more than if you look at the success story of Baby Ariel and other teen stars.

To always new clips are produced, there are daily challenges in the community. There, the new Internet stars can compete with each other. The most creative and funniest videos will be rewarded with a heart.