With the Counters and counters Download lead users book to fuel consumption of electricity, water, heating systems or the mileage of cars.

Counters and counters Download with many statistical evaluations

The shareware picks up the meter readings and provides statistical analysis. Thus meters and meter readings can determine fuel consumption, at least two counts of a measuring device is required. The statistical analysis provides a consumable value for the period covered, as well as readings and consumption of the current year.

Counters and counters DownloadCounters and counters Download: water, electricity, gas monitor and evaluate

keep their own consumption values ​​always in view

Since the measured medium can define itself, users can calculate the car mileage per year. With counter and counts one keeps one's own consumption values ​​always in view. providing regular measurement acquisition, the shareware provides an effective consumption control of the consumption of energy, water and other consumer goods.