Architect 3D (My Home 3D)

Architect 3D (My Home 3D)

By downloading architect 3D the right tool lands on the computer to plan small or large construction projects on the monitor. The shareware that Meinheim 3D was previously known under the name, designs new buildings from the floor plan up to the tap in the kitchen. Who would not draw a completely new blueprint that can be based on the supplied templates.

With the architect 3D download for construction expert

Who wants to implement the great dream of owning a house in practice, thus leaving the planning no outsider can now become the planners themselves. With the Architect 3D Download get future home-owners a professional planning tool in 3D at hand. Unlike many other free House Designer software can not only planned the layout of the house using the tools but also the Interior design and the design of the garden be easily mastered. Even smaller projects such alterations, renovations or a cultivation can be implemented with the tool.

Architect 3D Download

The drawing of the construction plans runs with the digital Bauexperten exactly step by step. First, can high-precision 3D floor plans of the house to be created. Then the placement of electricity, water and gas pipes and the roof shape and desired number of levels can be set. In the Home version allows for up to design six floors.

Detailed indoor and outdoor planning with architect 3D

Thanks to a three-dimensional view of the interior of their own ideas can visualize exactly. So furnishings such as furniture, lamps and rugs can precisely placed – and even doors and windows are designed. For this, the House Designer provides a comprehensive Library with more than 3000 3D objects and materials With.

Architect 3D Download Templates

Who is insufficient, which can use the feature integrated editor own elements convert or imported images. Also for the planning of the outdoor area, the planning tool has a variety of templates and functions on board. So driveway, patio or gazebo desired can be designed. Detailed lovers natures can place the barbecue in the garden and even illustrate the planting. For this, the planner also allows the integration of all photos.

House Designer brings useful innovations and calculator with

In the version x7.5 the architect brings 3D Download useful new features also in terms of usability. Among other elements can now drag & Drop easily be pulled from the 2D view in the 3D view. For even more free interior design make objects that hang from the ceiling and new corner furniture for the kitchen. The Pro or Ultimate versions even have virtual tours, an editor for the planning of the swimming pool as well as a feature which can apply the light conditions understand the luggage.

Architect 3D Downloadpool

Very helpfulThe House Designers also calculates all the costs and brings with sustainable construction Tips and tricks. Of course, the 3D program prints for submission to an architect or building planners designed the plans and exports the three-dimensional views as rendered image files, such as JPEG or BMP. ** Unlimited possibilities for 3D home planning ** From the roof shape to the electrical installation: Architect 3D provides new construction projects from the bottom of the legs. But even with conversions or renovations, the shareware makes extremely useful.

Limitations of architect 3D (My Home 3D)

Unfortunately the current version, the manufacturer no demo. In the download area there is 7 day trial version of its predecessor My Home 3D.