Bügelperlen patterns

With the Bügelperlen patterns Download software for fans of the Danish beads fun comes to your home computer. Using the small program to print photos on motives for Bügelperlen repurpose. The application focuses exactly on this task and easy to operate.

Bügelperlen pattern download for fans of Bügelperlen

The range of Leisure Software to free download could be hardly more colorful. This program made by CAD-KAS is an absolute niche product that is specifically aimed at all Bügelperlen- and handicraft fans. By downloading Bügelperlen patterns users the ability to personalize Bügelperlen. That is, the tool enables the user to do so, prepare your own photos, they can be used as templates to fuse beads.

Bügelperlen patterns Download

Leisure program animates the Bügelperlen-craft Hype

Those who can not so well remember those little beads, here is a small Bügelperlen-tuition: fuse beads developed by the company Hama. They are plastic and cylindrical with a hole in the middle. The plastic beads, which are available in various sizes and colors can be combined with a pin plate into various shapes and patterns. The subject images are then ironed (a baking paper in between place), so that the beads connect with one another and the pin plate can be removed. Especially in the eighties and nineties Bügelperlen were a popular craft fun for children. Who is still expire this Pearl modeling, can now proceed to the next stage with fuse beads pattern. The program private photos of family and friends can be brought to fuse beads.

Bügelperlen pattern brings personal photos on Bügelperlen

The download of Bügelperlen patterns can be performed on all Windows operating systems. Since the tool is not even a MB, the download and installation are done in no time. When you open the program, the user has a very simple kept, unexcited surface. All features of the software are immediately visible and intuitive. the user would like to use a photo motif for a Bügelperlen, he chooses the appropriate image first on the hard disk out. He then determines the size of the subject and decides on a certain pearl.

Methods of color conversion in recreational tool

For the color conversion, the manufacturer recommends that you choose the setting _ The best matching Farb_, which is also set by default. This ensures that the software selects colors always best suited to the subject. There is the method dithering. Here Bügelperlen pattern tries to choose the colors so that smooth transitions occur. For the viewer, the colors of adjacent beads would mix a color. The drawback is that no smooth surfaces emerge. The program also has a useful preview function to see the result in advance. In addition, also appear the color numbers there, which makes it easier to search for a particular sound. Individual motifs on Bügelperlen The download of Bügelperlen pattern is worthwhile only for lovers of plastic beads. Users who tinker in their spare time or with their children with fuse beads will be able to create completely new and individual motives with this program.

Limitations of Bügelperlen patterns

In the demo version the word appears "demo version" several times on the strap beaded pattern.