picture Converter

Picture Converter converts single or multiple photos of popular file formats in one go around and change desired image size. The German-language Freeware does not require installation routine and can also be started from removable media such as USB sticks. Select users in Picture Converter first by clicking on the button "Open" the folder in which you want to convert photos are located. An integrated preview shows on request to the selected via checkbox photos or graphics. Before the actual conversion process, the user determines the output format, the destination directory and the image size in the options. If you want, change the size next to the image format. After clicking on the button "begin" kicks off the converter. At the request of Free Picture Converter reserves when converting the image proportions for replacing the output photos on the hard drive. Thus, the freeware works smoothly, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 must be later installed on your computer or. The free Picture Converter scores with an easy to understand German user interface and a brisk speed. Anyone looking for a Helper image for easy Umwandlen photos en masse, should appreciate the converter functions of the freeware quickly.