GMX app 2023

GMX app

With the GMX app users can manage quite easily from smartphone or tablet from their e-mail account, write new messages and received. The Android app also supports the accounts of other e-mail provider.

A reputable e-mail address accompanies an often over the years, also for pragmatic reasons. Why switch to a new supplier, and thus cumbersome inform all contacts of the new address? It’s as simple with one of the free e-mail tools in our download catalog, including the GMX GMX app for users.

GMX app simplifies e-mail administration on the smartphone

The free e-mail service is already since the late nineties in the market, is still one of the farthest-reaching providers within the industry. Users who created an account in the early years, often use the address for several years, both the private and the professional e-mail traffic. With GMX Android can the account comfortably manage from your phone or tablet, receive e-mail and send it.

GMX app

Buying a Smartphone or Android tablets is not always at the same time hand in hand with a new email address. While an e-mail app on most devices with Google operating system installed specifically for Google’s Gmail, which simplifies the operation of the Gmail accounts and the circumstances will cater to smaller displays, but: who does not use Gmail and its want to keep old email address that Mobile must be installed app by individual vendors themselves usually. The GMX app goes beyond that one step further and allows the integration of other accounts such as Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail users.

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E-mail app with push technology

Similar to Outlook on desktop computers can be organized with the GMX Mail app for Android, the emails from different vendors and accounts in one convenient application. The issues of data protection and security are not neglected in e-mail client for mobile devices and tablets. For example, prevents an optional PIN password to prevent unauthorized access. Practical: the email push service ensures that you will be automatically notified of new messages. So users do not have to separately log on and see if new e-mail notifications to be.

After downloading and installing the GMX app on the Android smartphone or Android tablet use the GMX email address and password to log queries. After that, the GMX acount the accounts of the supported email providers can easily set up, as well. Whether GMX, Yahoo or Gmail – the app ensures that all mailboxes are optimally shown on the display. If that’s not enough: Here you can download even more e-mail tools for free.