can export the Firefox passwords sometimes be of very great importance. If you continue reading, learns here how the export proceeds. A new PC or reinstall the operating system can cause the stored passwords are no longer present in the use of Firefox. Those who can not remember all their passwords or want, you can then get in trouble! One should therefore occasionally Export Firefox Passwords, make them for future reference. This is done with little effort and can be an important aid in an emergency.

export Firefox passwords - a useful handle

Exporting Firefox passwords can make sense for several reasons - for example, to prevent problems caused by unforeseen damage the computer. Even if the computer is set up again, and the visitors secure the passwords the user can save quite a bit of effort. So the goal is to find a way without much effort to carry out such an assurance. Who does not yet work with the Firefox Web browser, can Mozilla Firefox free here [download] (/ download manager /).

Useful add-on

For Firefox add-ons can export passwords are used most special. For this purpose, it has above all "Firefox Password Exporter" proven, which is available free of charge. This helper can store passwords in XML or CSV file, with the help of the passwords can later be imported into Firefox. Firefox passwords Export 1.1

The "Password Exporter" install and use

Installation and use this add-on is done very easily and quickly. Step 1: Under "Extras" the menu item "Add-Ons" choose. step 2In the search "Password Exporter" Enter and then the latest version by clicking on "add to Firefox" to install. step 3: Restart Firefox to complete the installation. From now you can export passwords using the add-on Firefox! step 4: Among the add-ons the "Password Exporter" Call and select the menu item "settings" open. Firefox passwords to export 2 step 5: Now opens a small window. By clicking on "export passwords" these can now be saved in the desired format. step 6: To import the same steps are followed first such export - except that in the screen of step 5 is now the point "import" and then the desired file is selected.