Photoshop Express Windows 10 App

Photoshop Express Windows 10 App

The Photoshop Express Windows 10 App brings a stripped-down free version of the market leader Adobe Photoshop on the PC. The tool provides key features to optimize images. Automatic corrections and preset filters can also see the pictures of non-professionals to shine.

With Photoshop Express Windows 10 App get pictures the finishing touches

A snapshot here, a mobile phone photo there – often the quality of the best motives, funniest situations or romantic sunsets is not optimal. Who still wants to tickle the finishing touch of the recordings, can not avoid the post-processing of the images. The Photoshop Windows 10 App offers the most important tools for image editing in a free application.

Basic features of the app

The base of the perfect image is a harmonious neck and the correct orientation of the recording. With Photoshop Express Windows 10 app, photos can be easily crop, rotate or flip. In addition, the tool provides an automatic red-eye removal. Within seconds, can create the perfect foundation for the perfect image.

Photoshop Express Windows 10 App
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Auto-correction and artistic filters

Those who do not want to make the effort to adjust the recording manually, reaches for AutoCorrect. In a step brightness, exposure and contrast can be optimized. Photoshop Express for Windows 10 but offers even more possibilities for image editing. With a choice of about 20 filters User miss their snapshots optionally a modern approach or a vintage look. Similar to Instagram is used to select the best filter for the preview function. Those who prefer individual can manually adjust exposure, contrast, clarity and dynamics simply via slider.

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Photoshop Express Windows 10 App Filters
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Payment for additional options as in-app purchases

In addition to the pre-installed tools, the app by numerous fee-based tools can be extended. As a so-called in-app purchases additional filters or noise reduction pack are facing unwanted picture noise available. For most shots, but the free basic version of Photoshop Express Windows reaches 10 app completely – especially since you should resort to other programs for a more in-depth photo editing yet.

Convenient connection to social networks

Who wants to share his art with friends and acquaintances can do so comfortably within the app. Thanks to connections with the major networks such as Facebook or Instagram to do is click to publish the edited image.

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Source: Microsoft