Of the ResiGo download engages employees and owners in tourism in managing their farms under the arms. The freeware detects, for example, the room and created a mouse click occupancy.

ResiGo Download as administrator for hotels

Moreover ResiGo accepts both single and checkout of guests including of creating the invoice to be paid. On board, the planner also has a module for storing the guest data. In the data fields appear among other things, space for contact information as well as for services rendered services. Also entering reservations is done by the manager with a few clicks. Regularly booker guests has ResiGo on request to a place in the master data.

In this way, the reception is the relevant data quickly in mind for new reservations. Who the design of the hotel software do not like, which can adapt to his taste or appearance of his house the color and some other free options.

ResiGo download