In the fast-paced open-world racing game from Ubisoft the entire United States to be a playground for PC racers. The huge replica of the US in The Crew Download offers gamers varied race tracks and countless challenges and missions that he can cope alone or in a crew. The tuning of the bodies is of course a considerable aspect.

The Crew Download makes the United States the race Playground

The action racing game has been designed jointly by Ubisoft and the development team Ivory Tower and belongs to the category MMO. As a basis for the open-world game no smaller track than the entire United States serves. Thereby providing the navigable world of The Crew more than enough variety for the gamer. Heats it in a moment even through the crowded streets of the cities of New York or Los Angeles, you cruist the next moment on the beach of Miami along. The game takes the player through huge cities, small typical American suburbs, through corn fields, hillsides, dunes and stunning landscapes such as the Monument Valley.

The Crew Download

The Crew: On the hunt for illegal crossing

After downloading The Crew is the goal of the player to destroy a Detroit transition from within. The so-called 5-10 road racing gear has spread already throughout the United States and must finally be stopped. In various missions raises the PC racing driver this task. He has successfully flee, among others from the police smashed a convoy or arriving first at the finish.

Free driving pleasure: Alone or in teams

The special of the racing game is to ride the freedom anywhere, anytime. Who is rumgekurvt on the west coast yesterday, today can easily jump just on the East Coast: All without annoying loading times. The gamers can roam for hours all alone by the United States also, but can also with drivers who join together to meet him on the road. As a crew can be certain tasks as often cope preventing a hostile takeover easier. The competition between the drivers and crews also earns points bonuses and much better rewards if one can free himself from others.

The Crew Download racetracks

Who generally prefers to play alone, must be in the download of The Crew still never afraid of boredom. There are waiting a lot of missions that are often bound as a spur to global leaderboards. Plus rich test challenges for change. It can be one's mind or that of the world's best driver or a friend to the opponent. As if that was not enough fun, there is in each region PvP races that have it in them.

The Crew Download Pimp

For racing game include the Pimpen of the vehicle

In so-called headquarters, which can be found in every region, players can pimp their vehicles. The quarters serve as workshops to perform repairs or just to pimp the car for the next mission. The tuning system of the game also means that gamers can expand their vehicle selection steadily. Car dealer, there are cars off the shelf that can be upgraded at the Tuner with exotic equipment.