Outlander Stream: The whole Highland Saga online look

Of the Outlander stream based on the novel series by Diana Gabaldon, which in this country often referred to as "Highland Saga" referred to as. We tell you where the historical adventure romance including the Outlander Season 2 is available online and whether Outlander on Netflix with the Netflix app or through Amazon and max cathedrals can be streamed. More on this below!

Outlander Stream: Magic Stone Circle as a mysterious time machine

The focus of the Outlander series is Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) that (Tobias Menzies) is accidentally rotated by an ancient magical stone circle to Scotland in the year 1743, shortly after the war ended in 1945, on their second honeymoon in Scotland with her Mann Frank. There they accused of being a Highlander clan of being an English spy, what they tried to escape, to go about the mysterious stone circle back to her old life. To remain in the 18th century, it benefits their medical skills. At her side is soon the young Scot Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). Therefore, it is now on between two men and two different eras.

Outlander streamThe VOX shows from September 2016, the Outlander Season 2 as a free TV premiere. Source: VOX

Outlander Season 1 as implementation of "Fire and Stone"

The romantic Outlander series was given in 2013 by the US pay-TV channel Starz as a 16-part series commissioned and aired in the US from August, 2014. The Outlander Season 1 sets "Fire and Stone", The first book of the eight-volume Highland Saga film meet, and author Diana Gabaldon is a counselor available and also appears in a small role in the series.

Friends romantic period dramas can look forward to beautiful landscapes, dramatic storylines and numerous intrigues. Because of the success a Outlander Season 2 was commissioned soon. In June 2016 Starz announced that the popular TV series will be extended for one Outlander Season 3 and 4. FIG.

Outlander Season 2: Claire and Jamie at the French royal court

In Germany, the pay-TV channel RTL Passion the premiere broadcasting of the Outlander series from January 2015 secured the free-TV premiere was from May to July 2015 the TV channel VOX. The Outlander Season 2 showed passion from April 2016 initially with subtitles. The content of the Outlander Season 2 oriented with their 13 episodes on the second book of Highland saga "The borrowed time".

From September 7, 2016 VOX on free TV, the Outlander Season 2 follows as free TV Premiere, every Wednesday at 20:15 in double episodes. In Outlander 2 Claire and Jamie arrive in France, where they have access to the pompous social life at the French court.

The Outlander Stream is also available at Netflix

Who wants to see Outlander online, uses the Outlander stream on the Internet. Customers of the film flat rate be happy to know that Netflix Outlander is available with the complete first season. Paying the award-winning fantasy romance can currently also be obtained with the first two seasons with max cathedrals, Amazon and iTunes.