The shoot’em-up is considered to be a small Galaga Milestone among arcade games. The sequel to Namco’s classic Galaxian sprayed today on the PC almost the same pixel charm as the early eighties in the arcades.

Galaga download for fans of arcade classic

Galaga was first published in 1981 and has quickly become one of the most popular arcade games, the extraordinary has as classic games are still a lot of friends. The gamer controls while even after the Galaga download for Windows a spaceship at the bottom of the playing field, he moved to the left and right. Swarms of insect-like enemies move in a variety of formations and try to hit the player in a nosedive. The only antidote: The enemy spaceships shoot as quickly as possible. Once you completed this task and all the alien ships transported to the afterlife, the player enters the next round.

Galaga download

Aliens ships fight in formation

Galaga can either alone or by two players are played alternately. Everyone gets three ships and a bonus ship upon reaching 20,000 points, 70,000 points and each further 70,000. In the free arcade classic the player steps in a spaceship alone against an entire armada of alien spaceships at. Reminiscent of insects UFOs shoot wildly and rush toward the spacecraft flying in formation. Partly in kamikaze style the aliens try to hit the space plane.

Galaga Download Original

The bonus levels provide in Galaga for an extra fun

The command ships bring also a dangerous tractor beam used. If your ship is captured, it can be to win back again only by a targeted shot at the leading ship. If you have blocked all UFOs, it goes to the next level. Compared to Galaxian game maker Namco Galaga has also so-called Bonus levels extended. The more ships you shoot, the more extra points hike on player’s account. The operation is easily explained. The player starts with F2 a new confrontation with the alien aircraft. He moved his spaceship with the arrow keys back and forth and shoots with the Ctrl key on the opponents. Who wants to end the game prematurely, the escape key presses.


Fight the alien ships already in formation flight

In each level the opponents appear in five groups of eight units on the playing field and get mobilized from top or sides. is useful that the player initially gaining some time by the formation flying and already they can fight when entering the opponents. The alien ships just throw during the flight the bombs, not in the formation phase.

Tractor beam traps the starship

The green opponents in the top row of the alien lineup are particularly persistent and must be taken twice before they disappear from the board. Here the player should watch out particularly well, as they stop sometimes abruptly and catch your ship with a tractor beam. Cunning Galaga professionals leave the ship initially deliberately pirating, but free it again and have henceforth with two ships twice the firepower.

Galaga Download Aliens

Arcade classic high nostalgia value The passage of time may seem hardly affect real classic games. So it is in the case of free Galaga. The classic shooting game is likely younger and older players alike, despite retro graphic, captivate. The Galaga download worth it – not only for nostalgic inspired gamers.