How does iPhone restore without iTunes?

Be Restore iPhone without iTunes is often the only way to bring a damaged machine back up and running. learn more here! If, during the popular iPhone to problems in the operating system can often only help restore the device to its factory settings. In most cases, the manufacturer's media management software is used. Thanks to the iTunes for Windows Download no Mac computers more is it necessary. Restore iPhone without iTunes Unfortunately, so many a malware or a software error prevents the system recovery using the media software. In such cases, many users ask if restore iPhone without iTunes is possible.

Restore iPhone without iTunes - is that possible?

Even without iTunes, the iPhone can recover. Here, the iOS operating system is set up again. In the System Restore all stored data such as images or messages lost. To avoid this, it is necessary beforehand to create a back-up. After that, it is important to use the appropriate feature in the iPhone settings.

What is needed to restore?

Recovery is right on the iPhone. These must be inserted a current SIM card into the device. Should be available on the device stored data even after the reset of the iPhone available, a backup of all files is urgently needed. Only when the personal photos, videos, music files & Co. were stored, for example in the iCloud, you can continue with the system recovery. Following this, the data can be updated and re-recorded, if a current back-up exists.

Therefore as the recovery actually works?

Restore iPhone without iTunes goes directly to the unit. Only the settings are opened in the iPhone. After that, you tap on the General tab. Here is down to scroll and select the item Reset. Restore iPhone without iTunes reset Various possibilities for recovery are displayed. To completely reset the iPhone, the option is content & elected delete settings. Thus, the iPhone is re-fitted to the factory settings and the operating system iOS. Restore iPhone without iTunes Delete Then you can work again with the iPhone. If a backup was created, also the deleted data can be recouped.