Owner of the Amazon Fire TVs may have their television experience with the free adbFire download increase. The tool comes with numerous useful features, with which expand the Fire TV, and can improve. Who would not prefer a multimedia center in your living room ?!

adbFire Download: Free finishing for the Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV comes along in the form of a small box and connects to HD TV sets. Users are thus the access to Amazon Instant Video, provided to the ARD and ZDF media libraries to music and many other online streaming services. But somewhere and the Amazon service has its limits. This overcomes the free adbFire Tool and upgraded the TV service with additional functions.

adbFire download

Download and use of the Internet TV Tools

The tuning tool provided by the manufacturer as a Windows version as well as for Linux and Mac OS X. The offered download adbFire is the Windows version. The file is about 53 MB and comes in the form of a zip file on the computer. A special feature of this Fire TV modifier its extremely pleasant service. So not only entering the IP address is conveniently located in the main control panel, the tool also is always feedback when an action is completed. For the user, which is convenient because many processes sometimes simply take longer. In addition, the Fire TV does not issue feedback.

With adbFire APS install rooten, make screenshots

With the Tuning Tool the user gets to a function of the hand that he can apply directly. Secondly, the program keeps options ready to continually expand the TV experience. This includes the ability to install apps on the Amazon box that do not originate from our own App Store. That is, games or useful applications, they can be installed via APK on the device. The installation of the entertainment center Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) can be implemented with ease. With the use of the TV Kodi incidentally to a real media center including media management is. Users can therefore no longer so only play movies, music, pictures on the Internet, but also from the PC on the home network streaming to the TV.In addition, users should be able to create, screen shots from the TV screen via WLAN.

Full access rights by rooting

If these options are still not enough, thanks to the adbFire downloads all access rights for Amazon's TV box can get. The reaction takes place in a few simple steps. With the root access example, it is possible to connect external USB storage device to the box.