Let's jump Your Fish Pokémon - so high it goes! With these Tips Magikarp Jump achieved your guaranteed success as a jump trainer!

The best Magikarp Jump Tips

Stronger, more and especially higher! Once you get used to the new mobile game of the Pokémon Company, Pokémon: has Magikarp Jump app, admitted, is the small, fidgety fish certainly not soon let go.

So simple, the game is designed so addictive it yet, heranzutrainieren his specially captured Karpadors to keep jumping machine to feed them and always trigger new events to be champion in the eight jump leagues.

However, all this comes - as in a Free2Play Casual usual - often with waiting time therefore. You can level up your still with a few Magikarp Jump Tips significantly accelerate. The trick is: Consider you well, what you do and what items you how and when used!

Tips Magikarp JumpYou want to jump higher than ever? Then our Magikarp Jump advice followed! (Picture: The Pokémon Company / Editorial)

The bounce is (almost) everything

Throughout the game you draw exactly one Magikarp up to the current maximum level to (the increase with your level of experience).

KP: The bounce is measured in the game in KP. It is the most important value of your Karpadors. The higher the KP, the higher your fish can jump - and to compete with other Karpadors in the league. The KP boosts your through food and exercise, and certain random events.

An important tip is: Saving does not help! Invest your coins!

  • Improves feed continuously Münzladen. As soon as you can, unlock new berries. you gain the better a berry, the more KP.

    • Extra tip: Boosts your a berry to certain level, you gain a Pokédrop.
  • Likewise, you always should invest in upgrading your training equipment or the acquisition of new types of training a few coins. So you can grab whole chunk of KP after training.

Train your way, you should immediately if you have collected enough training points. Increases your coach rank, your training points are automatically populated.

Tips Magikarp Jump bounceit is important to increase by training and feeding the bounce. (Picture: Screenshots The Pokémon Company)

Making good use of diamonds: help is no shame

Even your diamonds should not save your endless. Here a little discipline is being asked but hoard endlessly You should not even here - this is one of the important Magikarp Jump advice.

With Diamonds you can watch that is set for a decorative objects that can reasonably increase the reward for regular activities. You gain so as a percentage of more KP if your training or feeding your Magikarp.

External help is no shame

Diamonds can you also use for helper Pokémon. Although a part gets your vain if your specific trainer level is reached, the rest have to buy your for 250 to 600 diamonds. A first good investment would be, for example, the 500 diamonds for robball. This little helper grants you namely every seven hours, a gift - in the re diamonds, but also wait coins or auxiliary items to you. So you can quickly more diamonds for other helpers, decorative items or collect and enhance the coins won lining and training equipment.

Did you get a Pokédrop, give him best directly to one of your helper Pokémon to increase its assistant.

Tips Magikarp Jump diamondsCoins and diamonds should you use quickly and pimp food or buy helper Pokémon and decoration. (Picture: Screenshots The Pokémon Company)

keep eyes open

Even more Magikarp Jump Tips desired? Check it every now and into successes menu is where you can also receive bonuses in the form of diamonds or coins through various achievements such as number of fed berries or daily logins.

keep looking but also applies to various random events. Are some quite harmless - for example, if you give Angelo or Fantastic Mr. Riös coins or a nugget - you can run at yet another danger of losing your Magikarp. Whenever you will receive an alert when a random event and asked twice will, if you really want to perform the action, you should be careful. While waving many treasures, if you dare, and have luck. but it may also be that suddenly a Pidgeotto comes around the corner and just takes along your fish. You know the drill from previous games. The advantage: Lose Your thus more Karpadors, also known as "success" is true - and you gain a few diamonds.

Our advice therefore: Is such a dubious coincidence events only if your Magikarp is not a particularly unusual and can cope with you, if it is suddenly no longer there.

A few bonuses there are way also when you are choosing the safe answer and glittering objects or fruits ignored on trees.

Tips Magikarp Jump helpersHelpers like Relaxo or robball support your Magikarp with bonuses and cheers. (Picture: Screenshots The Pokémon Company)

Extra tip: Do I need to spend real money in Magikarp Jump?

The clear answer is no! Sure, just for faster collection of diamonds and coins of the stimulus, some in-app purchases to make but is quite high. But with patience and the right workers and decorative items you collect them without real money.

Especially the purchase of items such as potions or biscuits not worth it. just wait a few minutes and already you can continue playing. Training points you gain, for example, already after 30 minutes, league points after 90 minutes or after successful battles. So to training potions or league sprays you can do without.

Heed your Magikarp this Jump tips, you come safely quickly quite far. Once we find more tricks, we supplement the articles, of course. Until then you can still clean lenses in this Let's Play of m00sician: