ProxTube for Chrome

ProxTube for Chrome

With ProxTube what was renamed ProxFlow since version 1.4, the user avoids annoying GEMA locks for videos and movies that could be on YouTube or other services normally view.

look at any videos and short films fast with Chrome ProxTube

Since this is at ProxTube an add-on that you do not install this after actually download, but it adds to be in the browser. Here is the download of ProxTube Google Chrome. This means that the add-on bind as an extension in the Chrome browser with one and is automatically activated on the appropriate pages.

How ProxTube Chrome

With this add-on can the annoying Video locks on YouTube, Pandora,,, Songza or Grooveshark be bypassed. The principle is simple: Once the user come across a video that GEMA has locked, activate the add-on and directs the server to a proxy, a network in the United States of America has to offer. That just means that YouTube thinks the user would see the video from abroad, where there is no lockout policies in effect. The actual proxy settings are saved and after the clip is viewed, the server is again switched back to the normal settings, so he comes back into the actual network. Like other add-ons or software for video portals & Co. functioning, you can compare here.

Design and operation of the add-on

Because it is an add-on rather than a use software, there is no user interface that would be served. is integrated into the browser and can also activate from there, or activated by itself as soon as it encounters a blocked by GEMA video. Of course this is easy both computer professionals and computer novices to use, because it has to be done anything active yes.

ProxTube download

Therefore ProxTube is something for everyone and should be missing on any PC. The popular add-on for each video lovers Who does not know these annoying closures? You want to watch an amusing and entertaining video and GEMA has blocked it. ProxTube Chrome is the best and, moreover, legal and free solution to watch their favorite videos or all the funny clips back undisturbed on the Internet. The cost of this is really minimal and the operation could not be simpler – it must indeed be made basically nothing. This add-on is really a cool feature for every multimedia fan and should be missing on any Chrome browser.