Android apps, there are a dime a dozen. Many of these are sometimes more, sometimes less useful for the masses. The Google Translate app here is certainly an exception with its extensive utility value, especially when traveling - who already speaks fluent dozens of languages? The cumbersome leaves in dictionaries heard with this app thing of the past.

Google Translate app translates spoken sentences

The Google Translate app for smartphones or tablet computers with the Android operating system has been around since the year 2010. The special thing about this app: With it can be, among others, also text messages and translate into the phone spoken texts. In addition, the app translates handwritten texts as well as pictures embedded text, which should be especially helpful on vacation for the restaurant visit. An internet connection is not absolutely necessary for the use. The app also works offline.

Google Translate app

introduced translation service from Google in 2006

the translation software Google Translate was introduced in 2006, with the service in the first time only translated into Arabic. In contrast to the linguistically oriented method of machine translation by Google Translator is based (and thus also the Google Translate app) on a statistical basis, within the discipline of machine translation services. This occasionally caused quite strange translations, but translation quality ranges from very much for a rough understanding foreign language content.

Google Translate app examples

Translation software from Google speaks 80 languages

Since its introduction, the software has been continuously developed. meanwhile dominates the Translate app from Google 80 languages. More will be added. However: The translation of two non-English languages, the entered text is first translated into English and then into the source language because Google does not cause a vocabulary between all languages. This results in some languages ​​to less good results. In general, however, the translations are for a rough understanding more than adequate.

Google Translate app Dictionary

Reliable translator app with useful additional functions Whether French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese or Arabic and less known natural languages ​​such as Galician, Vietnamese and Icelandic - the Translate app dominates all. With around 80 languages, it is probably one of the most comprehensive free translation apps for Android smartphones that currently exist on the market. And the best part: The application is completely free. Of course, the quality of the translations can not keep up with the translation texts by human hands. translated the app poems are more of a gray. But for the Google Translate app probably not created but rather a rough understanding of foreign language texts. And in this area, the application proves to be very helpful in many situations where one comes with non-German texts into contact, such as when traveling. The app is installed in no time and scores with intuitive operation as well as numerous features such as the translation of SMS messages.