After this In 80 days around the world Download Players will be transferred to the 19th century London. The starting point of the story, based on the novel by Jules Verne, is a bet: Phileas Fogg - a passionate whist player - bet to 20,000 pounds sterling that he manage to travel the world in the eponymous period. Together with him and his Diener Jean Passepartout players circumnavigate the globe, completing over 80 challenging levels.

In 80 days around the world DownloadWith in 80 days around the world Download player one of the most compelling match get 3 games.

In 80 days around the world Download - one of the best Match 3 Games

With in 80 days around the world download a typical match is 3 Game on the computer: level after level players must now create by combining at least three same characters a vertical or horizontal line that dissolves then and, at best, an important artifact releases. To get to the coveted items, but there is a strict time limit that is becoming increasingly shorter. The journey begins in London, in this case must first money and goods are collected to finance and you are going to foreign countries and distant continents. In addition to the skill and puzzle game users are so familiar with one of the classics of science fiction literature.

About 80 levels and numerous bonus items

The simple - the captivating despite - gameplay into 80 levels through history. Many items that can destroy obstacles, make the game more complex and require the right strategy and the right moment to be used as efficiently as possible. Although the animations are now somewhat simplistic, despite all the colorful graphics is contemporary and well designed.

Timeless classic game in a free demo version

Granted: The In 80 days around the world download does not a true classic and a pearl of the three-win principle is the latest game on the computer for it. It appeared over the years again and again in different variations - whether for Nintendo DS or as an app for smartphones and tablets. The download and the first hour of the games are completely free. After the trial period, the full version can be bought with costs by the software.

Who does not know the story, it can be read here by the way: